UKACR Disclosure Policy

UKACR Policy on disclosure of identifiable data by cancer registries – guidance on implementation within England and Wales


Library of Recommendations

Library of recommendations on cancer coding and classification policy and practice

This library contains only those items that have been formally agreed by the UKACR Executive Committee.

All items are available to view individually on the website by following the links below.  If you wish to print the whole of the Library of Recommendations then click the "print" link on this page.  (Beware: this will be a large document).  If you wish to print individual pages, please click the link on the relevant page.

Data Confidentiality and Security

Cancer registration, confidentiality and consent

NB: Some of the information provided in this section on cancer registration, confidentiality and consent will apply only to England and Wales.

Data Quality

Data Quality

Each Cancer Registry in the United Kingdom provides information annually on a number of measures to allow comparisons of the timeliness, quality and completeness of their data. This information is collated and an annual report produced, consisting of a series of
datasets, with accompanying explanatory commentary from the Registries.

The latest, 2011 report and previous four year's reports are available to download below:

Sources of cancer data

'Cancer e-Atlas'

A new public website ‘Cancer e-Atlas’ was launched in July 2008 by the then newly established National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) to improve public access to basic cancer statistics at Local Authority and Cancer Network level across England. It presents data on the incidence of, and mortality/survival from the main types of cancers in men and women. Go to: