Appendix 1: Organisations involved in the cancer registration service in England and Wales

  1. Eastern Cancer Registration and Information Centre
  2. North West Cancer Intelligence Service
  3. Northern and Yorkshire Cancer Registry and Information Service
  4. Oxford Cancer Intelligence Unit
  5. South West Public Health Observatory
  6. Thames Cancer Registry
  7. Trent Cancer Registry
  8. West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit
  9. National Cancer Intelligence Centre, Office for National Statistics
  10. Welsh Cancer Intelligence & Surveillance Unit
  11. Childhood Cancer Research Group, Oxford *
  12. CRUK Paediatric & Familial Cancer Research Group, Manchester*
  13. Northern Region Children and Young Persons Malignant Disease Registry *
  14. South West Childhood Cancer Registry*
  15. West Midlands Regional Children's Tumour Registry *
  16. Yorkshire Specialist Register of Cancer in Children and Young People *
  17. Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group, University of Leicester *

* Only for children's cases or further information about adults who were diagnosed with cancer in childhood