Eastern Office

NCRS Eastern Office (formerly ECRIC) is based in the East of England, just outside Cambridge. We are also the National Brain Tumour Registry.

Address National Cancer Registration Service, Eastern Office
Unit C, Magog Court
Shelford Bottom
Hinton Way
CB22 3AD
Telephone 01223 213625  
Fax 01223 213571  
Website www.ecric.nhs.uk
Dr Jem Rashbass Director jem.rashbass@ecric.nhs.uk
Dr Clem Brown Medical Director

Tel: 01223 213627

Ms Jane Richardson Registry Manager Tel: 01223 213499
For any data requests or clinical information analysis queries contact:
Dr David Greenberg Senior Analyst Tel: 01223 213627 david.greenberg@nhs.net
Mr Andrew Murphy Registry Liaison Manager
Tel: 01223 213499 andrew.murphy@ecric.nhs.uk
For any registration, quality assurance and training queries contact:
Mrs Claire Beattie
Registration Manager Tel: 01223 213625 claire.beattie@ecric.nhs.uk
Mrs Christine Straughan
QA and Training Officer Tel: 01223 213625 christine.straughan@ecric.nhs.uk
For any IT queries contact:
Warren Carmody Senior Systems Developer Tel: 01223 213629 warren.carmody@ecric.nhs.uk

Last updated: 11 May 2020