Sources of cancer data

'Cancer e-Atlas'

A public website ‘Cancer e-Atlas’ was launched in July 2008 by the then newly established National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) to improve public access to basic cancer statistics at Local Authority and Cancer Network level across England. It presents data on the incidence of, and mortality/survival from the main types of cancers in men and women. Go to:


National Cancer Information Service (NCIS)

The NCIS is a web-based reporting tool, running across NHSNet, providing users with access to cancer information through a configurable web interface. The NCIS currently covers England and is populated with cancer registration data collected by all English Cancer Registries but extension to the whole of the UK is planned. For further information about the NCIS see the NCIS flyer and form (both downloadable from the bottom of this page). Applications for access to NCIS should be made through your local cancer registry. You must have an NHSNet account to be eligible to apply for access.

Selected cancer data are also available on cancer registries' websites (see below for links).


The Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) Information Pack

MDT information pack image

The pack explains key terms and procedures relating to cancer registration, diagnosis and treatment, and is colourfully illustrated throughout. Although the main target audience is MDT Co-ordinators, this pack is useful for anyone who needs an overview of cancer registration, pathology, classification, diagnosis and treatment. It includes a guide to tumour types, medical terminology and anatomy. (Download link below).


Ad hoc data requests

All registries in the UK and Ireland will consider ad hoc requests for information, although the release of data that are considered to be either patient identifiable or potentially identifiable is restricted. Please contact the individual registry for further guidance and see Approved UKACR Policies for details of the confidentiality policies governing the UK cancer registries. Request forms for patient identifiable or potentially identifiable data are available via this website for the cancer registries in England and Wales.


Cancer registries: UK and Ireland

Full list of Cancer Registries


Childhood Cancer:

Childhood Cancer Research Group (National Registry of Childhood Tumours)


Other sources of data

Cancer Research UK
Office for National Statistics (ONS) - Cancer
Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the UK - ONS
Cancer Statistics: Registrations (series MB1) - ONS
Cancer Survival Trends (series SMPS) - ONS
Mortality Statistics: Cause (series DH2) - ONS
Population estimates - ONS

Cancer registries and associations: International (selected)

(Note: the IACR website has a more detailed list of international cancer registries and associations)

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